Celebrations in nursery this term

We celebrate the changing of seasons at Happy Kids and encourage children to look for differences and similarities in the environment. Learning about the seasons helps children understand the passage of time and teaches them about change. While some seasonal changes are more obvious (like changes in the weather), there are many important subtle differences related to each season, like colours, changes in the type of food that is available and animals that can be seen. We will be doing activities like leaf collecting and printing and exploring seasonal vegetables like pumpkins, turnips etc.

We will be celebrating traditional games that parents played as a child, skipping, hop scotch, spinning tops etc. What games did you play as a child? We would love to include them.

On November 4th we will celebrating Diwali. We will learn about the history and traditions surrounding the festival. We hope to do an activity in pre-school with tie-dye, if possible could parents provide a plain white t-shirt please. We will also be learning about Remembrance Day and taking part in poppy activities.

We will be learning about Bonfire night including the history, how to keep safe and what to expect (noise etc) Activities will include paintings, stamping and making chocolate apples.